Walmart Favs

Much has been said about Millennials, which makes any statement kind of generic. At first, they were categorised as this consumer freaks. We know that the first wave of Millennials depend on their parents, most of them even moved back home. With all the family comfort, they do have extra money for luxury purchases.

However, we are now observing a second wave of the famous Millennials. Well, they are still not independent, but research says they care about experiences more than they care about material things. So, all that extra money is going to world trips, festivals, gourmet meals or extreme gyms. What about clothes?

It makes sense that Walmart is the go to retail of this generation in America. Yes, a pool from InfoScout confirmed that the popular retailer surpassed Target, Whole Foods and Cotsco. Far from a fashionable fast fashion, there’s an entire website dedicated on poking fun of Walmart’s costumers. But, then, Normcore doesn’t ask for a lot of sense of style, right?

Generation mantra? Let go of all material things to achieve mindfulness.


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