Week’s Trends Round-Up (FOGO and DadBod)

Imagine your regular weekend: waking up late, catching up with some series or maybe going to the movies. While you’re there doing mundane stuff your Instagram feed is overload with sunset parties, colourful drinks and wild festivals. A few months ago, you’re probably reaction would be a full anxiety panic caused by the new term FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This happened to often that you’re now used to the feeling. Hey, you have even read the news of the girl who Photoshoped one month of vacations while seating in her flat. Who knows who else is lying?

A recent article on The Cut acknowledge a new reaction to your social media feed: the FOGO (aka Fear of Going Out). No, it’s not an actual fear of the world outside, but a repulse for all trendy places that call for a selfie-stick. This week, Gwyneth Paltrow posted what can be called an anti-Met Gala photo. An image of her daughter in onesies with the caption ‘This was my red carpet!’. She is not the best example, but certainly the most famous. People may finally be tired of the hype.


Of course, there’s is always gonna be the Kim Kardashian’s of the world, desperate for a good selfie. But just like fashion has the normcore wave, culture is tired of the oversharing. Hey, it’s ok to be normal!


The DadBod frenzy of the week is another sign of this new mindset. In a time where genderless is the media’s new hot-ticket, women are vocal about wanting a men’s man. Leonardo DiCaprio out of shape body is defying all guys who can’t get enough of the gym selfie. While guys are rejoicing everywhere (while girls are still struggling with the scale), it’s important to notice that this isn’t about guys not going to the gym. It’s about embracing reality and making it cool.


Not sure this is gonna last. Summer is coming up and a new wave of exotic vacations will invade your feeds, but it’s ok if you just want to watch GoT.


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