The Forgotten Tate

Tate Britain might be older than its brother Tate Modern, but it is often forgotten by media and visitors.

A visit during the Bank Holiday proved that – while everywhere else in London was insufferable crowded, the galleries were easy to appreciate.

Just recently renovated, the museum is heading to a new start after the announced departure of its currently director Penelope Curtis.

Right now, three exhibitions stand out. The return of Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’ installation; the collaboration between Alexander McQueen and Nick Waplington; and this year’s commission installation ‘The Filters’ by Christina Mackie.

Tracey Emin, My Bed (1996) - Image:

‘My Bed’, Tracey Emin (1996) – Image:

Nick Waplington, Untitled - Image:

‘Untitled’, Nick Waplington – Image:

'The Filters' by Christina Mackie, 2015

‘The Filters’ by Christina Mackie, 2015

Don’t forget Tate Britain!


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