The Videos of the Day (Week)

Brands sell lifestyle and not products, no news in that. But Topshop and GAP just took this to the next level with two videos where clothes are a second thought.

For Valentine’s Date, Topshop went straight to the contemporary wound and shown us a Tinder date that you probably already had, expect the guy is way more invested than their usually are. He had a picture of your favourite pet and you really thought things would work out, right? Then you are face with questions of how to greet, talk and the paying the bill etiquette gets even more complicated. It is the Valentine’s short film that is going to make you give up of love and devote yourself to clothes and animals.

Keeping up with the romantic tone, GAP released the first of a 12-part video that tells us a rather weird love story. It is cool by association just by having indie icons Paul Dano and Jenny Slate as “the couple”. They lend all their corkyness to the project and leave us wanting more. More normcore that is not boring after all.

So, which brand scored a Valentine’s goal?


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