London’s Cuddle Cafe

This week temperature dropped in London. But if you are looking for someone to hold, McVities might just given you the solution.

As a part of the marketing campaign to their cute puppy and kitten ads (Have you seen?), the brand is opening a pop-up cafe in Fitzrovia where you pay your tea and biscuits with hugs.

The promo is totally in sync with the world trend of cuddle shops. Back in 2012, Japan opened the sleep together shop – a purely platonic business. In Portland (hipster-central), you can pay US$ 60 for someone to hold and stroke you. Not to mention the boom of cafes with cute kittens ready for you to pet. Bottom line, people are lonely!

The cafe will be working between 8-10pm on February 10 and 11. The chance to find your Valentine? Maybe.



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