Adidas and the Struggle to Be Cool

No wonder everyone feels anxious nowadays, we are constantly struggling to keep up with the concept of being IN.

I remember the days when you should stand in line for hours to get a ticket for a concert. Now that option doesn’t even exist. Ok, it is more comfortable to stand in line online, but it used to be more democratic. Tickets wouldn’t sell out in 5 minutes when we stood in lines. Parties, restaurants, concerts…it is hard to get in line when there is no line. The same could be said about fashion. It-bags don’t even hit the shelves before selling out. A person has to work extra hard to be IN fashion.

For better or for worst, Adidas is moving to the future and is planning to release a mobile platform (aka app) that allows trainers lovers to skip the queue in order to get those craved limited editions.


Image from BoF

Whoever downloads the app will get offers for reserved numbers of limited editions pieces. It is the line of the line. Basically, you will have to be even faster because those items will sell out in half a second.

Is this the future? Are we happy about it?


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