Vogue’s New Content Studio – A New Era?

Have you ever read the first pages of an American Vogue? I bet your answer is no. When I was a Fashion Intern, I spent long afternoons clipping magazines from start to finish. What have I learnt? 1) Not all magazines number their pages and 2) American Vogue has more than 100 pages of ads just in the beginning!


And, if you are in the PR business, you know very well half of any magazine lacks real journalism (no matter how much journalists deny it).

Well, we are leaving denial land. Condé Nast just announce the launch of their own content studio. Called 23 Stories (23 is the number of floors in the new Condé Nast building), the department will use editors from the publishing house to help to create content for brands. Apparently, if you spent over a certain amount of money in advertising, you get access to the content studio and appropriate editors to help you design your content which will be place on Condé Nast’s online platforms and native ads (read Promo Vogue or Promo Glamour). Got it?

This is nothing new in editorial world. Buzzfeed, Mashable, Refinery 29 and Hearst are just some of the names who already provide a similar service. However, it is always a big deal to see Anna Wintour’s traditional publishing house on board with the movement.


Although all ads will be labeled as such, the ads will look more iike the magazine due to the new editorial guidance. Be aware.

Advertising moves the world, right?


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