CW’s Fashion

This years Golden Globes had a surprise win that no one seems to care. The teenage driven network CW (former WB) won their first award ever. The win went to Gina Rodriguez, start of Jane the Virgin.

For a network that has always put rates before critics, this is a chance to get noticed. Fashion wise, CW has been pushing the right notes for a while. Reign, an underrated show inside the network, is a must watch. It is loosely (very loosely) based on the story of Mary, Queen of Scots and the time she lived in French Court. To complain about history inaccuracy is to completely loose the point. This is a show about from the today’s point of view, like if a modern girl is recreating the story in her head. So, the costumes, as inaccurate as they might be, are stunning.Imagine all those Dolce & Gabbana dresses worn by a real Queen. The show stylist, Meredith Markworth Pollack, has been doing a great job creating the outfits of the Queen and her three lady maids. To prove that Reign’s fashion is actually the start of the show, there are several Tumblrs dedicated to it. There’s even an official Tumblr from the hair and make-up people and the costume stylist created an Instagram account. reign-fashion-insta

Here some of the best fashion so far:

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Another show you’ve might be missing is the adorable Hart of Dixie. But the fashion star may not be who you think it is. Although Karl Lagerfeld would prefer Rachel Bilson, the one who shines is actually Jaime King. The blonde who plays Lemon Breeland is a fashionista in real life and on the show. While Bilson style is more urban sexy, King’s costume are all about the 50’s on colours. And, again, it’s CW so don’t get obsessed with logic because it’s possible that Alabama girl’s don’t dress in Chanel or Marni, but it does entertain our Friday nights.

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