Cinderella’s Shoes by Repetto

When I was kid, a new Disney movie meant a new McDonald’s toy.

Kids these days go for high fashion merch, I suppose.

After Stella McCartney released a special kids collection with the Maleficent theme, the stakes are higher. The fashion world is burning with products inspired by the new Cinderella movie.

Back in October, MAC announced a full make-up collection to be released with the movie this March. Now, it’s Repetto‘s time to make little girls and full grown women dream of a crystal shoe. The French label is releasing a very limited edition of its famous Cendrillon flats. With kids and adults version, the flats are made of light blue goat velvet and engraved with Swarovski crystals! There’s also a mini bag and a kid’s tutus.

Give us more!

Repetto's Cinderella Limited Edition

Repetto’s Cinderella Limited Edition

Cinderella's Mac collection - Out in March

Cinderella’s Mac collection – Out in March


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