Fondazione Prada – Milano

We’ve talked about how hot Italian fashion is right now. It’s like MFW has woken up from a long sleep.

Luckily, everything seems back on track. And with Expo Milano 2015 on the horizon, Milan is the place for a long trip.

Following the Armani Silos’ announcement, Prada graces us with the news of a new building for the Prada Foundation in Milan. The Venice’s historical building, created by Miuccia Prada back in 1993 to support contemporary art, will continue strong but it will share the duties with the new space.

The new Prada Foundation designed by Rem Koohlaas and at Largo Isarco – industrial site in South Milan – is set to open May 9. The best part of the project is a bar in the style of the city’s old cafes designed by Oscar nominee and world’s favourite eccentric Wes Anderson.

Prada has big plans for the launch. The space will host art installations by sculpture Robert Gober and photographer Thomas Demand, a documentary by Roman Polanski and an exhibition on Italian art by archeologist Salvatore Settis; the last one will be divided with the Venice’s Foundation. Not to mention an exhibition of Prada’s classic designs.

Much love for Milano!

Fondazione Prada's historica building in Venice

Fondazione Prada’s historica building in Venice


New Fondazione Prada designed by Rem Koolhaas

Sketch of the new tower - designed by  Rem Koolhaas

Sketch of the new tower – designed by Rem Koolhaas


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