It Ain’t About The Music

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton

There was a time when this statement was true, but we no longer live in a world of Spring and Fall. Our world has Spring, Fall, Resort, Pre-Fall and Haute Couture. Then E! and Joan Rivers invented the Red Carpet Season and, finally, street style blogs and Kate Moss boosted what is now known as Festival Season.

From all of them, the Festival Season is the most democratic one. It comes from the people and represent days of freedom. Originally, it is the very opposite of fashion since it is supposed to be comfortable, but it penetrated the industry as a tacit law.

Alessandra Ambrosio @ Coachella

Alessandra Ambrosio @ Coachella

In a crude comparison, Coachella is the New York of Festival Season. It didn’t start the trend, but gathered a lot of heavy names with so much publicity behind it. Glastonbury is London because it is traditional as well as it is trendy, Not to mention  that Kate Moss always steals the show.

Kate Moss - Glastonbury 2005

Kate Moss – Glastonbury 2005

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at Coachella 2012

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at Coachella 2012

For a long long time, festival fashion was all about clothes bought on street markets and costume shops. As they usually do, celebrities changes the game and Hunter boots and designer outfits were cast for a weekend away. And when magazines start to classify a new season, fashion industry has to absorb and institutionalise.

Lacoste went ahead and created the most sought after lounge in Coachella, the place to see and be seen. And each designer and retailer have been looking for their own way of taking a piece of the festival scene. Music has been left behind for a while now, but 2015 could be the year when fashion officially takes over.

Not long after Coachella’s 2015 line-up emerged, H&M announced their official partnership with the festival. This information is easy to memorise than all the bands’ names. The Coachella collection of clothes and accessories should hit stores on March 19. But if you are actually attending the festival, you don’t need to hurry to get yours as H&M is opening a pop-up store during the Festival in April. Expect more than a store, but a whole experience in festival fashion.


It’s all about the fashion!


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