Brands With A Conscience

On January 2nd, newspaper The Guardian published an article predicting that companies would take a stand on social issues.

They called it Pro-Social Brands. Traditionally, brands adopt the sustainable path where they advertise their charity work and consumers “vote with their money”. Pro-social is activism. Brands get vocal with their ads.

Maybe Italian Benetton was the pioneer of the movement. Their 90’s ad promoting diversity was the closest thing to pro-social until last year.

To prove The Guardian was right, few days later Tiffany’s and Co. released their first same-sex ad. The campaign features a real NYC couple giving even more strength to the message.


The trick on following this trend is being up-to-date with popular social stands. The adoption of a negatively viewed opinion can turn out to be career suicide.

Not to forget that companies aim profit always. For example, same-sex couples already correspond to a great share of Tiffany’s market, so it makes sense for the company to support the LGBT cause.

Even with profit in mind, the trend is positive because it forces companies to do-good. Otherwise, they will forever be stigmatise as hypocrites.

It’s a brand new world, people!


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