Pinterest 100

Pinterest used its board powers for good! The social network has released a top 100 list of what they think will be trending in 2015. Curious to know what you’ve missed?

As we said before, Iceland will be the it place to go next year. So, what else?

Well, kale is so 2014! The next green to conquer your heart is the cauliflower. You can find a recipe for cauliflower crust pizza on Pinterest. Seriously!

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

The DIY and normcore movements appear to continue strong through 2015. In the DIY front, woodwork is the next big thing. That maybe explains why the lumbersexual is the new style trend for men. Guess Pinterest doesn’t believe in the peak-beard thing.



Tech wise, Apple set the trend with the iWatch. We all be talking to our wrists by the end of 2015.

As Pinterest is heaven for Interior Designer and Wedding Planners, it’s worth it to check the full list board on the official page.


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