Destination 015

Forget tropical beaches or cosmopolitan cities, the destination that is set to take over your timeline in 2015 (if you haven’t felt its presence already) is Iceland.

Pinterest called it first. The inspirational social network released a list of 100 trends for 2015 and put the ice country as top destination. Then, there was Beyoncé. This December, Jay-Z took the diva to celebrate his birthday and ended up practically making a Tumblr editorial. Just like all trends, Iceland has been growing on tourists hearts for a while now. The country became a more appealing destination just after the economic crisis and has conquered tourists hearts ever since.



Jay-Z and Beyoncé stayed in the luxurious hotel Trophy Lodge in Úthlíð, South Iceland. Nevertheless, a tight budget won’t spare you of a breathtaking view. What to check in your to do list? A trip to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal pool that relaxes even your soul. The heated natural pool has a waterfall and mineral rich silica mud that does wonders for the skin. Another unique experience is to walk around a lava field. How often can you see bubbly mud in your home country? Next stop: a boat trip around a glacier lagoon like the famous Jökulsárlón-Glacier. Finally, you should visit the capital Reykjavik, a great place for after hour parties (hard to know the time if it’s dark for so long). The city is also filled with museums and weird food experiences. Why not?

Not to mention that Iceland is one of the few countries you can spot the Northern Lights. The best months for light seeing is September and March, but you have a good chance all through winter.

I bet you’re going to fight global warming with all your strength after this trip.

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