It took a while but stores finally figured it out how to monetise Instagram. Let’s face it. It is not the easiest of social medias since it doesn’t allow users to embed links on each post.

Some might argue that Instagram shopping defiance made it more user friendly. On their accounts, brands are usually seeking to create a desirable image not necessarily a quick sale.

This picture is starting to change. It’s a complex business trying to sell stuff through Instagram, however it’s is worth a try since followers are always looking for inspiration on the app.

Marc Jacobs’ beauty department started this trend. Followers should sign-up on the e-commerce website and they will receive a weekly e-mail with purchase details for the items they’ve liked.

In time for Christmas, Bloomingdales’s started something similar. On their official account, the retailer is posting four small images of Christmas shopping ideas categorised by fun themes like Naughty or Nice. They used the tagging tool to redirect each small picture to a separate Instagram account with the full image of the shopping ideas. From there, the customer just have to click on the link in the bio section to be redirected to the e-commerce. Well, I warned it wasn’t easy to use Instagram.

Shoppable content seems to be the future of online shopping. I’m just not so sure what will be the consequences of this revolution to Instagram itself. Are users gonna enjoy the new shopping possibilities or it will mark the downfall of the app just like advertisements did to Facebook? Stay tuned!


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