Valentino: The Ladies in White

In case you didn’t know, you should wear white for New Years Eve in Brazil. It’s a good colour for the hot weather (South Hemisphere, guys!), it means peace and there’s a whole Iemanjá God of the Sea tradition to it.

Not that any of this past through Maria Grazia Chiuri and Piero Paolo Piccioli, Valentino’s designer, during the development of the latest haute-couture collection, but it might as well had since the entire show was dedicated to white pieces.

The collection distanced itself from the last few presented by the maison by being more practical, geometrical and clean. No butterflies or artistic prints in this one. The iconic Valentino heart was only seen in one of the pieces and in silver, almost camouflaged. From the ethereal vibe of previous shows was only left the lace fabric dresses (that would make a perfect look for NYE, btw).

The winners of the show were the clean cuts double breasted coats and the long white capes. You could say the collection was in sync with the futuristic trend of Solange Knowles’ wedding. No, probably Solange is in sync with Valentino…not the other way around.

From red to white, Valentino does no wrong.


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