Mayhem, The Fashion Wonder Kid

If you’d ask career advice from my dad, he would probably tell you to work hard in a company from the ground-up and by your 40’s you would achieve total career success.

Don’t tell my dad, but this is no longer truth for quite sometime. Mark Zuckerberg and other tech genius have been jumping all the steps, leaving us poor mortals with the feeling we’ve been doing something wrong.

After the techies came the bloggers and the start-up business genius and, now, we are super jealous of Mayhem: the 4 years old girl that signed a collection for J. Crew’s kids line.

However, Mayhem is not your ordinary 4 years old. She is THE little girl who “broke the internet”, early this year, with paper dresses inspired in red carpet looks. I’m sure you remember.

So, Mayhem and her mom are taking over J. Crew now. Skeptical people can follow all the creative process on Mayhem’s website: #FashionByMayhem

What next? Is Mayhem replacing Anna Wintour?

mayhem-paper-dress-girl mayhem-paper-dress-jennifer-lawrence mayhem-paper-dress-little-girl


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