Avoid Humans, An Antissocial App

I often find myself on a situation where I ask if a place is going to be crowded and hear from the other person a happy “Yes!”. Then, I’m too embarrassed to explain that I was misunderstood and I don’t want to go to a crowded bar, restaurant or whatever.

The hardest thing to find in a big city is a place with the perfect amount of people. You don’t want to be the only person standing in the bar and at the same time you certainly don’t want to be squeezed and shoved. Crowded places are such a waste for good perfume.

That’s why I’m intrigue by the ‘Avoid Humans’ app. Each place is classified by:

Avoid Humans

I’m aware this proves how technology is increasing our antissocial behaviour. But, hey, I don’t care! At least now I can ask an app about crowded spaces and avoid another human contact.

Sheldon Cooper would understand me.


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