2014 was the year an Australian research called out the ‘peak beard’. Apparently, the trend has reached its peak and it will fade in the next few months.

Truth be told, men around the world went a bit overboard with the trend. They have jumped from the sexy ‘I-forgot-to-shave-this-morning’ to the ‘I’ve-been-leaving-as-a-hermit-for-the-past-decade’ look.

Hipsters went as far as to pay up to US$ 15.000 for facial hair transplant. Just to make sure they will achieve the thick beard style. Not to mention the thousands of vintage barbershops that opened around the globe thanks to lost-at-sea-but-still-chic look.

Whether the trend is gone or not, the Somerset House will celebrate the most copied style by men in the last few years with an exhibition of 80 portraits of serious beard.

All photographs were taken by Brock Elbank who has been registering the trend since before it explode back in the early 2000’s.

The exhibition will be displayed in the Terrace Rooms through March, 2015.





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