More Than Couture: It’s Métiers d’Art, Baby

Victoria’s Secret “not so fashion” Show may have broken the internet, but Chanel’s Métiers D’Art always breaks fashion hearts.

Lately, maisons have been getting more buzz with dream scenarios than with the actual collection and Karl Lagerfeld is the expert in creating the perfect ambience. The designer flew major trend-setters to Salzburg, Austria, for a couple of days of immersion in the culture and landscape. Everyone Instagrammed and Twitted about the town’s history from Mozart to the ‘Sound of Music’. Lagerfeld also secured the two most talked about models of the moment in the same day os the VS show. Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne turned down the lingerie spectacle for old style dresses.

The collection is said to be inspired by Empress Elisabeth of Austria, reincarnated by BFA Model of the Year Cara Delevingne. The vibe is a cross from XIX century, German culture and some touches of 80’s leather jackets.

Karl knows best and I’m not going to question his judgement on some looks that were more Peter Pan or Oktoberfest than anything else. In my opinion Jenner and Delevingne got the worst outfits and ended up looking like grown-up XIX century little girls.

Image taken from

Image taken from

Nonetheless it’s Chanel and the coats and capes made you wish Santa Claus would be generous this year. Knee socks and embroidery coats will inhabit women’s dream from now until summer. Oh, Chanel!

Some quick highlights

The Winner:

Image taken from

Image taken from

Counting the days until Alexa Chung wears this:

Image taken from

Image taken from

Thank you Fashion Gods for allowing me to wear a cape in my everyday life:

Image taken from

Image taken from

The Best Looks:

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