From Goth to Angelical – The season’s lipsticks

Browsing at Sephora during the weekend, I couldn’t find any cool dark lipstick shades to purchase. Nars shelves had everything but aubergine and wine like colours. While you and I may still be coveting the dark lip shades that took over the world with the 90’s goth comeback, fashion folks moved on to another 90’s beauty trend: the nude. The ‘I-just-woke-up-and-took-a-shower-didn’t-have-time-for-any-make-up’ look. Very 90’s Calvin Klein. That’s all we can see from magazine covers, catwalks and fashion week street style.




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But, wait, don’t panic! You can still love the dark shades. Retailers feel our needs and will keep suppling the masses with new dark palettes. One example, it’s the Giambattista Valli MAC collaboration that includes violets and deep reds even though it’s supposed to be released during the Summer – season that is normally dominated by pinks and oranges. Tom Ford also gives great options with the Lips & Boys line.


In summary, the next couple seasons are going to be dominated by extremes. Goth and angelical. Dark and nude. Nothing in between.

And if you want to give the washed-up face a chance but can’t live without lipstick. Try the ‘Ice Queen’ shade from Lipstick Queen. It would do the trick for any skin colour.


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