Forever Young

It’s confirmed: we are stuck in time.

If before the 50’s there was no such thing as adolescence, now it has been hard to leave it behind.

In his new book ‘Juvenescence’, Stanford professor Robert Pogue Harrison explains the current trend of slow ageing. It’s about how young adult books (Twilight, Hunger Games, etc.) are popular through all ages, how fast-food is becoming trending with a gourmet touch and how our clothes don’t tell our age anymore.

Regarding the last item, I think the author is spot on the latest fashion trends. Everyone has at least one pyjama with your favourite cartoon character. This is goes beyond bed products, it’s a loungewear and outwear trend. The past year, I’ve seen Primark, H&M and Topshop launch products relating to Marvel character, DC Comic characters, Disney Princess and even Care Bears (my personal favourites).

The catch is making products that don’t actually look like they were made for kids. It’s a trade: adults keep their childhood alive and characters get a more sophisticated touch on their products.

Just now, Forever 21 is realising its partnership with WB and reviving beloved characters like Scooby Doo, Tweety and Taz-Mania. Brazilian fast-fashion Riachuelo is keeping up with the trend by celebrating The Simpson’s 25th anniversary with a fun collection. But it’s not only the fast-fashion that are seizing this trend, consumers are willing to spend more money on their favourite characters. Barbie was a major inspiration for recent fashion weeks. Back in Brazil, premium brand Ellus celebrated Mickey’s 86 with products from stuffed animals to t-shirts. Havaianas has explored this trend to the bone by creating collections that go from Disney villains to Where is Waldo?

What is the fun in growing-up anyone?

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