The Ultimate Cinderella Movie

Since 2012, we’ve been able to reconnect with our favourite Disney characters. For those who grew up wishing to be a princess, the last few years renewed your dreams. Of course, those characters never left us. Cinderella had a series of remakes; and between teen versions and Drew Barrymore’s feminist movie we revisited the evil stepmother and silly sisters every ten years.

However, this new wave of movies seems different because it’s not about correcting an image of damsel in distress. No doubt women are being portrait as strong characters now, but giving layer to all the players. Hey, who knew Prince Charming wasn’t a mute? Now we know what happened to make Maleficent so wicked.

Maleficent (2014)

Angelina Jolie in ‘Maleficent’ (2014)

Although they give new context to old characters, these new movies are trying to stay true to the original story. Technology helps with the hyperrealism effect but fashion does its part as well. Producers are not modernising the dresses. Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts flaunted the huge dresses and for the looks of the new Cinderella’s trailer the trend remains strong.

Julia Roberts in 'Mirror Mirror' (2012)

Julia Roberts in ‘Mirror Mirror’ (2012)

Lily Collins in 'Mirror Mirror' (2012)

Lily Collins in ‘Mirror Mirror’ (2012)

The trend is coherent to our new mentality. Kids are more mature because of the super exposure to the internet and new adults are having a hard time growing up, lingering to their childhood passions. To be honest, the new Princess’ movies are being made for all generations. This would explain why my timeline was taken over by Cinderella’s new trailer. The new fashion, the Oscar winner villain and the fabulous pumpkin carriage makes us feel young again.


Side by side with the Marvel mania, the Princesses return plays with our idea of reality. Maybe they will be obsolete in a few years, but for now they seem like the ultimate version of these characters.

Next stop: Sofia Coppola’s Little Mermaid!


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