Who are you? YouGov knows!

Something that Google and Facebook taught us all too well is that data is money. Which makes trend researchers the key professionals of the new millennium. There is nothing more valuable than staying one step ahead than your consumer and anticipating their needs.

Not only is useful to know how people are dealing with their everyday lives, but it’s also super interesting. No matter how much we believe each individual is unique, the truth is that human beings tend to define ourselves in a group. So, it is kind of amazing to study people and sometimes put them in a box that they didn’t even know they belonged to.

That is what is so genius about the YouGov Profiles app. The UK research company developed an app based on their database that identifies groups of people based on their mutual interests. It’s possible to look up 30.000 search items and the discoveries are endless.

Let’s see: if you are an Arctic Monkeys fans, you are probably female in your early 20s, working in Media and with little money to spare. If you own a iPhone 5S, chances are you live in London, likes to eat out and probably buy products without looking at the price. And, if you fancy Prince Harry, you probably an old lady that works on military and defence. It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

Well, I know what I will be doing the rest of my evening.

YouGov-arctic-monkeys YouGov-arctic-monkeys2 YouGov-am3


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