Brazilian Women and the Fast-Fashion Industry

Everyone wants a piece of Brazil right about now. Europe is in deep crisis and our tropical giant country looks once again as a salvation. After a not so disastrous World Cup, we still have until Rio’s Olympic Games to be the talk of the world.

Although Brazilians are very skeptic about the future (I don’t want to get into the elections), international companies are very much interested in what’s going on here.

In the small fashion world, this can be seen by the two huge international collaboration with Brazilian’s fast-fashion retailers. Stella McCartney created a second collection for *C&A and Versace debuted to Riachuelo. Both collections were presented at last SPFW with the biggest events of the week. Yes, we Brazilian love gringos!

The two designers represent the different tastes of Brazilian women. Stella McCartney’s clean cut collection represents São Paulo’s women that often opt for practical pieces. It’s not just the cliché of busy working women but they are not the kind that are going to dress up for no good reason. On the other hand, women from Minas Gerais and Brasilia, for example, prefer a more sexy and ostentation look. For them, Versace’s tight printed skirts fit like a glove.

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But if you think about it, Brazilian market is united by a desire for the classics. Stella McCartney and Versace are two powerful names in fashion and don’t offer any risks for retailers. Both designers created collections that represent their best-sellers. Brazil isn’t ready for risks like Alexander Wang (for H&M) and Peter Pilotto (for Target).

Brazilian women are not known for their daring style, but they are famous for their shopping skills. Hey, have you ever seen a Brazilian shopping in Miami? It’s crazy the amount of items one can carry home. But look into their luggage and you will see Louis Vuitton bags, watches from Michael Kors, Nike latest models and all the safe choices from safe brands.

Topshop is learning about Brazilian women the hard way. The fast-fashion that represents the cool British style opened its doors in Brazil two years ago and already had to close a store.

It’s really a pity because you can feel it that Brazilian women are interested in the new things happening in fashion, but when it comes to try it on they are too scared about others might think. The Brazilian woman takes small steps and few risks but, eventually, she gets there.

*C&A is actually a Dutch company, but it has been here for so long that we feel as if it was part of our collective DNA.


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