Good Morning with Kim Kardashian’s Ass

In case you haven’t noticed it, the talk of the morning is Kim Kardashian’s ass…AGAIN.

The Paper Magazine Winter Issue didn’t break the internet but it has certainly tried.

Kim Kardashian’s flawless derrière makes me think of two things: plastic surgery and Photoshop. I honestly don’t know which one had more impact in the cover. At a first glimpse, I thought I was looking at a plastic doll with Kim’s face attached.

The cover is up to date with recent discussions. We are praising Kim’s photo shoot but just a few days ago we were horrified by Renée Zellweger’s new face and we were behind Keira Knightley’s campaign against Photoshop.

Truth is the debate between what women really look like and how they are portrayed in the media has never been so current.

Jeremy Scott’s choice to create a Moschino collection entirely based on Barbie exposes how much women are still influenced by the ideal represented by the plastic doll. Then comes Victoria’s Secret that launches the “Perfect Body” campaign enraging half of female population and making the other half other if they ever gonna achieve the Angels’ standards.

Women are in the centre of the battle between Real vs. Virtual. What is real? Who is more real the women we see on the streets or their online version full of filters? If they put so much effort to create an image to show the world, shouldn’t we respect and accept it as their real self? Or should we combat this trend and try to go back to a historic period where women’s curves were welcomed?

Lily Allen is right, it’s hard out here for a Bitch.

Paper Magazine's Winter Issue - Image taken from

Paper Magazine’s Winter Issue – Image taken from


One thought on “Good Morning with Kim Kardashian’s Ass

  1. You’re totally on my wavelength. When I saw the pictures, I could only think Photoshop and surgery were why it looks that way. I guarantee that most people would find the unaltered pictures to be gross.


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