This Modern Life

Millennials are a spoiled generation. Our problems are laughable and superficial. That’s how we are portrait at least. Millennials are only the product of their environment just like other generations. Rents are up and salaries are down. So young people tend to accept money from their parents for longer and work in under-or even-unpaid jobs. They are highly prepared (most of them with postgrads) because their parents taught them hard work leads to success. But this not necessarily came true. They were also encourage to follow their dreams and look for jobs more fulfilling. However, no one warned them, those jobs come in limited numbers. So, they were told to create their own jobs. DIY, right? Only later came clear that not every one would turned out to be Mark Zuckerberg. So, here we are, a spoiled generation that were simply told to look for the best. And when you get so high expectations is hard to go down, right?

Maybe a first step is to clarify the issues Generation Y is going through. The truth is most Millennials don’t even understand what is going on and they feel the heavy burden of failure. No one blamed the kids from Great Depression for not being able to find jobs. Why would this be any different?

In the spirit of educating society of this new phenomenon, the vintage cartoon Mr Men & Little Miss created new characters to help explaining this new feeling we are experiencing. In case you don’t remember, these were widely popular children cartoon from the 80’s that taught kids about feelings and other important life lessons. In the new version, Little Miss Chatterbox gives way for Little Miss Danger Selfie, for example. I guess adults also need help sometimes.

All images taken from Mashable

All images taken from Mashable









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