Holy Mary! – Mary Katrantzou X Adidas

While high-end designers are creating functional pieces that can easily be worn to the gym, Adidas first collaboration with Greek designer and print darling Mary Katrantzou steps out of the sportswear and introduces the brand to a total new market.

Katrantzou starting point to the collection was the track shoes worn by medal winners in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Six trainers came out with the designer’s famous high-definition prints. Colourful spikes also give an unique design to the shoes.

The trainers also served as inspiration to the clothes. Mary took a different road than fellow designer and Adidas’ long time collaborator Stella McCartney. While McCartney gave her spin into pieces you could already find on Adidas, Katrantzou took traditional Adidas’ references and created something that could be in one of her own shows. She deconstructed the trainer design and used neoprene to create dresses and skirts that fall out of what you normally would call sportswear.

Nothing was unplanned. Even the blue, green and violet with touches of sparkles takes us to Mary Katrantzou’s personal world where abstract prints take form.

The collaboration hits Adidas’ stores on November 15.

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