Stylish Young Singers

You don’t have to wear crazy outfits to be a stylish singer. Forget Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Madonna over the top style. These are the cool young girls to inspire your street style.


Normcore Babe

She is so extraordinarily ordinary that you probably don’t even know her name. Hannah Reid is London Grammar’s sexy blonde vocalist. She is the kind of girl you can picture browsing through ASOS and Urban Outfitters, looking for the perfect 90’s “I don’t give a damn” look. Jeans mixed with crop top or loose sweater are her uniform in and out of the stage.

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The Haim sister’s are like any other rock’n’roll chick. They like their denim and don’t live without their leather jackets. If they were an Instagram filter, they would be toaster. But sunglasses and long-hair apart is hard to put these girls in a style box. They are free and that is style on itself.

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Dark Queen

She is not Royal but she is the Queen of the new teen goth. Long curly hair matched with dark lipstick are Lorde’s trademark. No other 17 year old gets to have her own MAC line. She deserves to show so much personality in such a young age. However, it’s not all black for the teen. She does enjoy to mix it up a bit with light pink and white sometimes.


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Unlike her friend Lorde, Taylor Swift closet is full of bright colours. But the girl doesn’t hide that her favourite colour is red. Usually, the colours is always on the blonde’s lips. Taylor is also a fan of stripes and polka-dots to match her preppy looks accessorised with satchel bags.

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