New Artistic Fashionistas

Fashion and Art always talked to each other. Designers often credit inspiration to certain prints or seasonal mood to their favourite artists. But for the last few months we’ve been noticing a change on the tide. New artists have been doing like Andy Warhol did decades ago and using fashion and pop icon as references to their work. 

Donald Drawbertson became an Instagram phenomenon combining World Cup and Fashion to create fast and fun images that were wide regramed (Is that a word?). 

Image by @donalddrawbertson

Image by @donalddrawbertson


Andy Warhol by @donaldrawbertson

Andy Warhol by @donaldrawbertson

Karl Largerfeld and Carine Roitfeld by @donaldrawbertson

Karl Largerfeld and Carine Roitfeld by @donaldrawbertson

Iris Apfel by @donaldrawbertson

Iris Apfel by @donaldrawbertson

Following the steps is graffiti artist Bradley Theodore that became famous for turning Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld into fun skeletons (you’ve may noticed that we really like this image). His latest work was transform Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne Burberry’s campaign into urban art. 

Image by @bradleytheodore

Image inspired by Mario Testino’s new campaign for Burberry @bradleytheodore

Both artists take full advantage of social media to take fashion world by storm and our egocentric selves love it.

Keep it coming!



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